I’m Mistress Jadis Ives. A professional Dominatrix and kink practitioner based in Sydney, Australia.

My domination practice isn’t about providing “services”. What I provide is an opportunity for you to serve and submit.

My interest is in sharing authentic kink experiences that will take your submission to the next level.

FemDom is a professional and lifestyle choice that allows me to live out my fantasies and indulge my fetishes. 

I’m one of the few people who gets to play for a living!

I love nurturing the kink interests of my play partners and guiding them through the spiritual, physical and emotional journey that is BDSM.

You will find my play style to be an intoxicating mix of cruelty, control and compassion. My slaves often reflect that it’s very obvious I enjoy my sessions.

I am a tall and commanding Domina but I’m no fetish dolly or caricature of domination. Look elsewhere if you want someone you can dress up as you please and command to perform scripts.

Training isn’t just for slaves.

Titles should mean something. Mine does. In 2007 I met the world renowned Mistress Servalan and went on to complete a classical apprenticeship under her tutelage.

I am proud to have earned my title in the traditional fashion and proud that I have the skillset to play intensely but safely.

In 2011 I completed the Urban Tantra Professional Intensive with sex educator Barbara Carellas.

As with so many other fields of expertise, kink is very much a case of  “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know!”. I constantly seek to refine and expand my skillset.

I come from a family of strong women. Like so many other kinksters, my controlling and sadistic desires manifested early. Some of my first sexual stirrings were prompted by scenes in films where the hero was bound and helpless. 

I remember creating a game for childhood playmates. It was called “no one’s head shall be higher than the Queen’s”

BDSM was part of my sexual explorations as a teen and in my early 20’s. I explored the local kink scene as I pursed a corporate career.

When “50 Shades of Grey” was released in early 2015 I was interviewed by Caroline Baum for The Sydney Morning Herald’s, Spectrum section. You can find the article here.

I consider press requests from respected publications and am only willing to work with journalists who have a proven track record of dealing respectfully with alternative lifestyles, sexuality and the adult industry.

From the start of the relationship Ms jadis has always made me feel relaxed and safe from when entering the dungeon she has guided me and trained me into the slave I am today.