About Me

I’m an Australian career Dominatrix with over fifteen years of professional experience. BDSM is my lifestyle and my vocation.

My playstyle is constantly evolving to incorporate my changing kink interests and my ongoing learning in this fascinating lifestyle. While I’m definitely informed by my classical training I’m not an “oldschool” Mistress.

I love my job. It brings me connection, authenticity, sensuality, challenge, exploration and joy in abundance.

Outside of the dungeon, I’m a keen horsewoman and an avid foodie. I love gaming, mostly open world RPGs. I love both indoor and outdoor gardening and take an active role in working the broadacre cropping farm that is my home


slaves and submissives aren’t the only ones who benefit from training.

I’m a classically trained Mistress, having completed a traditional Domination apprenticeship in 2007-2008.

I’m proud to have earned my title through hard work and dedication and proud that I have the skillset to play both intensely and safely.

In 2011 I completed the Urban Tantra Professional Intensive with renowned sex educator Barbara Carellas.

As with most vocations, kink is very much a case of “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know!” I am constantly seeking out new knowledge in order to refine and expand my skillset.


I come from a family of strong women. Like so many other kinksters, my controlling and sadistic desires emerged early. I distinctly remember many occasions was a child where I was fascinated by a bound and helpless hero.

Another early memory was creating a game for my playmates. “No one’s head shall be higher than the Queen’s”.

BDSM was part of my erotic explorations as a teen. In my late teens and early 20’s I began exploring the local kink scene as I pursued a corporate career.


I consider press requests from respected publications and am only willing to work with journalists with a proven track record of dealing respectfully with alternative lifestyles, sexuality and the adult industry.

When “50 Shades of Grey” was released in early 2015 I was interviewed by Caroline Baum for The Sydney Morning Herald’s, Spectrum section. You can find the article here.

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