Mistress Jadis Ives

Sydney Dominatrix


It’s visceral

There’s a need in you.

A craving.

You need to be controlled, to submit yourself to a genuine feminine authority.

You need correction. The simple elegance of consequences, sharp, tangible, inescapable and immediate.

You need adventure. To step out of your everyday and explore your body and mind, to learn about yourself.

You need connection. To share a rare, fully present moment. To exchange space, breath and energy.

You need me.

Authentic domination for those who crave control, correction, adventure and connection.


I’m Mistress Jadis Ives, a leading Professional Dominatrix and kink practitioner. I conduct my sessions primarily in Sydney, Australia.

BDSM is my art, my craft, my vocation, and my lifestyle.

I have over 15 years of professional experience, built on the foundation of my, now rare, classical Dominion apprenticeship.

My approach is based on creativity and authenticity.

As your Dominatrix, my role is not to perform a laundry list of “services.” What I provide is your opportunity to serve.

I’m tall, strong and confident with a grounded, natural domination style.

My innate presence and quiet, assured power will lead you to find your place, on your knees.

I love my work. Come to me with your genuine submission, and I’ll joyfully find the places where our fantasies intersect.

I feel blessed to be able to play for a living.

Lay yourself at my feet and I’ll be your guide through the intense emotional, physical and spiritual journey that is kink.

The Experience


Modern, stylish, hygienic, well equipped.


Creative, mindful Domination


Domination from an experienced Mistress


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