What my subs say

Mistress Jadis combines delight and fun with implacable sadism. And these always show in her face so perfectly – an almost dreamy look as her strong hands crush me to screams; and such a steely, dominant, measured look as she waits just a little while for me to compose myself for every bit of what must be.

It seems special to me that my Mistress understands that a masochist like myself, needs suffer for her and also, even at her most brutal (and she can be so brutal), to laugh with her..

slave A

I met Ms Jadis 9 years ago and when I first found myself kneeling before her, I knew from that point on i didn’t want to see any other Mistress.

She is a true lifestyle dominant lady and I’m glad she allowed me to kneel at her feet. Anyone who wants to try or experience genuine FemDom should book a session with Ms Jadis. Your life will never be the same.

slave t

I have visited Mistress Jadis on a (somewhat) regular basis for 2 years now, and she was my introduction to the world of kink and BDSM. I have found her a complete professional in all our communications with each other, and to be an absolute evil and kinky Dominatrix in our sessions (which I love). She has always been respectful of my boundaries, and she also has the in-depth knowledge and calm mannerisms in which to answer any questions I have as well as to allay any fears that I may have prior to my sessions.

One thing I particularly enjoy about my sessions with Mistress Jadis is the sense of kink intimacy. She’s often up close and personal in my space with activities like armpit worship, clothed facesitting and rough body play, which goes to demonstrate her level of commitment in ensuring her subs enjoy their sessions as much as possible. She also enjoys doing impromptu or unplanned things during a session, which has definitely increased my enjoyment of them.

I will not hesitate to recommend Mistress Jadis to any sub, whether novice, experienced or anything in between, as she has a wide repertoire of skills, as well as the ability to gauge the body language of a sub and change the session to suit. ​

sissy sub j

From the start of the relationship, Ms Jadis has always made me feel relaxed and safe. She has guided me and trained me into the slave I am today.

From the heavy bondage to the light sissy fun which are sometimes combined, no matter when I leave the dungeon I always feel excited for the next time I get to be at her feet and whims again.

When Ms jadis makes me her sissy it is a relaxing, powerful moment to share with her, till I see her beautiful yet excited smile then the feeling of nervousness and excitement of what she has planned.

Through her training I have come to want to be more involved In a side of me that I didn’t know I had till mistress helped bring it out of me and with her help I have brought outfits and toys for me to use in my own home under her supervision.

sissy slut c

The nervous apprehension I had before my first session has now been replaced with sheer excitement each time I see Mistress Jadis. When I visit her dungeon I enter a world where I entrust and submit to Mistress and leave behind all the outside distractions. 

She brings a very powerful presence to our sessions and I find it easy to relax and submit to her. Her experience and expertise in knowing your limits and what you want is extraordinary. I have been to several mistresses before but have finally found the one that not only makes me feel safe and comfortable but leaves me excited about our next session.

slave m

We have learnt so much from Mistress and a session with her often results in us purchasing some more toys and implements, with which we try to replicate the session in the privacy of our home.

I encourage other couples to be brave and find the courage to have a session with Mistress Jadis. I can guarantee you that your kink side will develop, your relationship will become stronger and the level of your eroticism will reach amazing heights.

subs g&j

I met Ms Jadis 9 years ago and when I first found myself kneeling before her, I knew from that point on i didn’t want to see any other Mistress. She is a true lifestyle dominant lady and I’m glad she allowed me to kneel at her feet. Anyone who wants to try or experience genuine FemDom should book a session with Ms Jadis. Your life will never be the same.

slave t

Our relationship has evolved from a client/provider relationship to one where when I enter her dungeon I surrender myself completely to her whims. I have complete trust in Ms Jadis and know that while she loves hurting me she takes care never to harm me.

slave r

I have been privileged enough to serve Mistress Jadis for a number of years now and I say it’s a privilege for me because it honestly is. Once you kneel before her, you fast realise how lucky you are that she has chosen you and allowed you to kneel 
Mistress Jadis does not need to shout or yell at you. A simple instruction and gave from her eyes will automatically command your obedience. Her laughter and giggle will pierce the biggest pride and ego in any humiliation session. 
In the last recent years Mistress has helped me step up my service without asking. This is the beautiful thing about her style of play which I find so different. You automatically find ways to please her. Worship her. Be in her presence. You automatically step up your service. Your sessions. All this without a word from her. 
If you let Mistress guide you, it will be an experience. A journey that huh will never forget. But to do so, strip your pride and ego. Kneel and offer your full devotion, be vulnerable and you may be the very lucky few to fully experience the journey of a slave in her realm 

slave p

It’s hard to describe what drew me to contact MsJ at first almost 15 years ago. But I put it down to fate and a feeling of connection even before we had met.

When we did start playing and we got to know each other, I felt her genuine warmth and respect.

MsJ has a wonderful energy and intellect and at the same time being empathetic which is very comforting when you’re surrendering yourself to her.

And on top of that MsJ drop is drop dead Gorgeous.

We often discuss thoughts and ideas in our D/s relationship and our friendship.

Our playtime has evolved from a somewhat planned play ( mostly by me),to a free flowing play in how we feel and on our needs at the time.

To finish off MsJ is a dear and wonderful friend.


slave rpr

I made the leap to session with Ms Jadis in late 2019 and I don’t regret that decision. Seeing her, you will get an elegant and hot Domme who is very knowledgeable, experienced, respectful, open to all kinds of fun with a well equipped dungeon to cater to all kinks n fantasies.

I remember before my first time seeing Ms Jadis I was soooo nervous but in a couple minutes I was reassured and welcomed into her world. Now I am nervous before each session but I always enjoy my time and have a lot of fun with her and what activities she has planned out, now I crave the next time I can willing put myself into her clutches and see what new activities she can introduce and get me addicted to.

I can’t recommend her enough but always be very respectful towards her and you and Ms Jadis with have a lot of fun together.
Thank you Ms Jadis.

slave f

The hills are alive
With the sound of music
With songs they have sung
For a thousand years

The dungeon comes alive
With the sound of thrashing
As straps and canes do their work
Upon bare male rears

Ms Jadis’ eyes beam with joy
When an arse she is thrashing
And each crack of her strap
Is music to her ears

A naked sub on the bench
Rump upturned for tanning
Makes Jadis Ives so happy
She’ll give a beating recalled for years
The dungeon space echoes loud
With the sound of thrashing
And Ms Jadis’ strong right arm
Can bring subs near tears

When Ms Jadis wields her cane
Soon her eyes are flashing
And the welts she can raise
Are what a male slave fears
The mirrored dungeon loud resounds
With the sound of strapping
As Mistress Jadis lays it on
With a charming wicked glee
When a bound naked sub
Hears the sound of caning
His flesh bears her brand
And the welts show up clear

When Ms Jadis applies her strap
There’ll be sounds of suff’ring
But there’s some erotic joy
In the whimpering she hears
Exquisite lingerie
Adorns her svelte stately body
When Ms Jadis dominates
And subs quake in fear
When Ms Jadis swings her cane
Soon subs’ weals are throbbing
Nether cheeks wear her mark
Standing out red and clear

As a domme she’s sublime
As smiling sadist she’s outstanding
At discipline she’s a queen
The impetus for a thousand tears
Ms J’s straps are well used
For erotic spanking
And red welts they have raised
On so many male rears

Ms Jadis’ straps are supplied
By the London Tanners
And the thwack as they land
Rings out loud and clear
Of discipline she’s a queen
Is the Mistress Jadis
For subs there’s no doubt
She’s a spanko’s dream

slave p

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