Recent adventures

Autumn is my favourite season to be in Sydney and April in particular is always a wonderful month for me, especially since it’s when I celebrate my birthday. This year was no different. I took some time off to get away from the city over the Easter break and then returned to Sydney for some decadent birthday celebrations, including dinner at the incomparable Sepia, one of Sydney’s most exclusive and beautiful restaurants. Of course I was also very spoiled with presents. I was given some beautiful things from Babylikestopony. My slaves also contributed to a new saddle for my horse.

Sydney Dominatrix Mistress JadisAh yes. My horse! submissives and slaves who have chatted with me in the last few months will know that I recently got back into equestrian sport, with the purchase of a beautiful purebred Arabian horse earlier this year. I’ve also been taking lessons with a dressage instructor in order to get my skills back up to where they used to be when I was competing.

Mistress Jadis EquestrianI’m always happy to bring my equestrian gear and skills to my sessions to play the bitchy, spoiled dressage queen disciplining the incompetent, inappropriate stable boy or the pervy horse show spectator but pony play itself isn’t an interest of mine.

I’ve been taking more regular short breaks this year and while it can make scheduling slightly more difficult, I’ve found it refreshes me and sharpens my sadism leading to more fun in the dungeon.

Speaking of dungeon fun…..

Yes, as always there’s been lots of very heavy cbt mayhem. (I’ll remind the lighter players out there that while I do post some “scary” cbt content my playstyle is very adjustable ;))

Dominatrix Mistress Jadis Crushing BallsI’ve also recently been seeing some lovely sissies who are very much into exploring the lighter, more erotic side of cross dressing. Lots of lovely lingerie dress ups and of course, once I’ve made them pretty and pliable it’s only fitting that I tan their pertly displayed bottoms and teach them how to take my strapon. Crossdressers, sluts and sissies who follow my twitter will have noticed that we’ve acquired some glamorous new items, not that the cross dressing area was not overflowing prior!

Mistress Jadis's Sissy  

My post certainly wouldn’t be complete without mentioning an amazing, recent couples session. I was very impressed with their thoughtful introductory email. It was immediately clear that they’d done their research, communicated clearly together and were both equally keen to visit the dungeon. I won’t elaborate on the naughty details but a certain slave girl really got her just deserts and we all had a wonderful experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

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