An Amazing Thank You from a slave.
Sydney Domme Mistress Jadis in Boots, fishnest and latex bodysuit


It looks like my availability is quite limited next week. I may be able to squeeze in one or two extra sessions depending on the timing. It’s definitely a good idea to plan ahead.

Carisbrook is looking amazing at the moment. Mistress Servalan and I devoted a few days last week to giving all our play areas a very thorough spring (autumn really!) clean. We’re always very careful about keeping our equipment and play space hygienic but it’s looking especially resplendent right now.

Of course there was still time to squeeze in some really amazing play! Here’s what one of the slaves I’ve sessioned with recently had to say about our time together (posted with permission and names removed to protect the increasingly less innocent):

“Dear Mistress Jadis,

thank you for an amazing session. At times I was completely unbalanced,
sometimes literally. As you know I find CBT while having my vision obstructed
completely terrifying (obligatory terror reference). So many activities. The
predicament bondage while humbled put me in a very nice submissive head space
and the nipple torture with needles was beautiful. I will never forget that. It
was the perfect activity. Elegant in its cruelty and I could see exactly what
you were doing as well as see yourself and myself. Plus the rope bondage! I
smile just thinking about it.

I seldom make requests and one of the reasons why is that I’ll often think of
things I would like to try and without saying a word you will spontaneously just
do them. This has happened so many times I’m starting to think you can read my
mind. With all the needle play we had done I was wondering what it would feel
like to have my nipples pierced and now I know! I did not foresee the dental floss
though. 🙂

And of course it goes without saying I am very happy with my marks. The inner
thigh canning has been a constant reminder of you all day and probably will be
for several days to come.

Thank you “


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