A double Mistress Session w/ Mistress Jadis & Miss Atreides
Mistress Jadis Black Keyhole latex red riding crop


“The next day I woke up and with every breath I could feel a slight pain on my rip cage. Each breath brought up vivid memories from the day before. The day I was lucky enough to serve Mistress Jadis and her apprentice Mistress Atreides. Each breath reminded me how lucky I was to be in the company of both beautiful Mistresses. 

All started with me knocking at the door Mistress Jadis emporium the day before. Mistress Jadis opened the door and allowed me in. Inside I was introduced to Mistress Atreides, which was followed with a short conversation. My excitement grew with the minute and I was asking myself how I possible be able to serve Mistress Jadis and support her in the education of her apprentice Mistress Atreides. 

After our conversation I was asked to prepare myself and wait in the cell in the expected slave position. And obviously I complied with the request. I wanted to make a good impression and surely don’t upset Mistress Jadis in the first view seconds of the session. I waited in the cell and I could hear the foot steps of Mistress Jadis. My heart was pounding with excitement accelerated by curiosity. 

Mistress Jadis opened the cell and ordered me to follow her. I followed her, my head down on all fours till Mistress Jadis positioned me in the middle of the dungeon, where I was collared. I could hear Mistress Atreides in the room standing in the corner watching Mistress Jadis and her slave. I was lucky enough to lick Mistress Jadis boots and again I made sure I was able to impress. Shortly after I was ordered to crawl close to Mistress Atreides and ordered to lick her boots. Never in my life I had the opportunity to lick four beautiful boots and I surely tried to impress. 

The atmosphere was starting to build and it was clear that I was in for an extraordinary journey. I could not hide my excitement being naked in front of the two beautiful Mistresses. The session continued with me being ordered to lie down on the bench. Quickly Mistress Jadis put on a mask on me allowing me to breath and slightly see through. I could hear both Mistresses getting the harnesses and shortly after they applied those making it impossible for me to move. I could hear their enjoyment. A bit of giggling, a bit of laughing, but also some admiring of their work. It became clear to me that I could not move anymore and I was delighted to make both Mistresses happy. After applying the harness the Mistresses started to play with my captured body with a pin wheel. Slowly they teased me and my breathing got heavier and heavier. Yes, I was expecting the pain, but I never new when it would occur. The unknown factor was a great turn on and again I could not hide my excitement lying there bound to the bench. Everything got even more exciting when Mistress Jadis put her head beside my ear. I could hear her breathing, while she put a hand on my chest so she could feel my deep breath full of excitement. It was like we were connected and obviously it was clear to me that I was her property. She was in control and she made it very clear. The session got intense. Breathing got heavier and heavier. Mistress Jadis started to torture my balls as well as my hard and surely dripping cock with electric currant. It could not get anymore intense, could it?

Mistress Jadis and Mistress Atreides decided that it was time to move on giving me a few seconds to recover from the intensity. The harness was removed and I was asked to stand in front of the mirror. I was asked to slip into a black body suit, a leg spreader was applied, while I tied to bar above me. I was standing in front of the mirror, arms and legs wide open. And for the first time I was able to see both, Mistress Jadis and Mistress Atreides, in their beautiful outfit adding to the excitement. Mistress Jadis applied a gag shutting me up. Furthermore Mistress Jadis applied a corset,shortening my breathing. That corset gave me the enjoy full pain the next day. Again the Mistresses inspected their work and congratulated each other for it. Hearing them talk made me feel good, because I was able to give myself to support the enjoyment of the Mistresses. Mistress Jadis started to whip my back and bottom. Slowly, soft, increasing the intensity and frequency over time. Pain was rocketing through my body, but it was beautiful pain combined with the feeling to know that I am totally submitted to the Mistresses. Mistress Jadis handed over the whip to Mistress Atreides and moved to the front. What will be next? A new level of excitement started to build. Mistress Atreides continued, where Mistress Jadis left. Slowly increasing intensity. And Mistress Jadis? Mistress Jadis took a smaller whip and started to work on my cock. Like before. Slowly, soft, increasing intensity over time. An extraordinary experience. Pain from all sides. 

The Mistresses decided to move on and released me from the whipping torture. Harnesses were removed and I was ordered to lie flat on the floor. Mistress Jadis decided to apply her bondage skills. She tight my feet and my hands and connected both behind my back. There was no way I was able to move and my body pushing against my swollen cock. Mistress Jadis opened up the zipper at the bottom of the suit I was wearing giving her access she required. Gently Mistress Jadis applied some lubricant and started to prepare my bottom. The excitement continued. Lying there helpless and bound tight. My body pushing against my cock, while Mistress Jadis played with my bottom. Mistress Atreides was watching the action and made sure that she highlighted her appreciation of the events taking place in front of her eyes. Mistress Jadis decided to take the play to the next level and started to insert the anal hook. But to my regret I could not comply and was not able to take the hook. Obviously I need more training in this department. Nevertheless Mistress Jadis plugged my bottom with a softer alternative and zipped me up. 

Again it was time to move on. I was untaught and both mistress directed me to the upper floor of the dungeon. Mistress Jadis let the way. Upstairs Mistress Jadis put on a strap on. Mistress Atreides, who held me on a leash, positioned me in front of Mistress Jadis and I was ordered to please Mistress Jadis’ cock. After disappointing Mistress Jadis earlier by not being able to take the anal hook, I wanted to make sure that I can show my slave capabilities by worshipping the Mistresses cock in the best possible way. In the meanwhile Mistress Atreides put on a strap on too and Mistress Jadis ordered me to pleasure Mistress Atreides cock. I sucked and licked her cock as instructed. In the meanwhile Mistress Jadis positioned herself beside Mistress Atreides. Me being on my knees meant that I now had to pleasure both cocks. I surely complied with the intention to impress both Mistresses after the earlier disappointment and from the feedback of the Mistress it must have been a beautiful sight.

Excited and starting to feel the length of the torture I was ordered to lie down on a chair / bench, which could rotated by nearly 180 degrees. The Mistresses bound me to the chair and Mistress Jadis applied another mask. This time I could not see and the only opening of the mask was for my mouth. Slowly the Mistresses tilt me back and forward. Finally I was position ed with my head pointing down. Blood rushing into my head and Mistress Jadis applied breath play. At the same time Mistress Atreides started to play with my already excited and tortured cock using a magic wand. The play continued and got more and more intense again. Both, Mistress Jadis and Mistress Atreides, knew exactly how to push me and my body to my limits. Finally I could not take it anymore and I bagged mistress Jadis for permission to cum. With a laugh in her voice mistress Jadis gave me the permission to cum and in that second I exploded all over my own body. 

The play was intense. It was so intense that I lost my words. Mistress Jadis set me free and removed the collar and stripped me off the body. The only words I got out was a big thank you to both ladies after which I slowly walked back to the shower reliving the intense session second by second. The hot water of the shower was a relieve for my body, before drying up and putting back my clothes.

It was the most beautiful session I ever experienced in my life, which just made me speechless. Writing this weeks after the session just highlights the intensity of the session and the lasting memories. Writing it just made me relive the session and allows me to show my gratitude to both mistresses to give me the opportunity to serve them. Thank you!”


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