A sissy’s second session
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A wonderful thank you note shared after a new sissy submissive’s second session with me. The first time we kept the lines of communication very open and just focused more on the physical aspect of the play. For this second session we sunk further into a role play and things got VERY interesting.

“Good morning Mistress,

I just wanted to write a note of thanks for the mind-blowing (literally) session that we had recently. The session was absolutely brilliant for me as it incorporated my prior kinks that I have explored with you, as well some new ones too.

The highlights of the session for me were:
• Allowing me to worship Mistress’s feet at the start, even though I had not asked for it – thank you so much for letting me do that as I was in heaven.
• The way you teased me as you dressed me up in the lingerie outfit – your touch sent shivers up my spine, and even now as I type this email, the thought of your touch makes me feel the same.
• The kidnapping of me by Mistress where you grabbed and subdued me using your body.
• The process of tying me up, where you incorporated my suggestions in it. I loved the crotchrope you tied on me and how it made me feel, and I was so happy that you tied it to me as though I was a female – I loved the way you used it to tease me as well as it reinforced my feeling of helplessness.
• My sucking on Mistress’s strap-on, loved how you incorporated that into the play, and the improvisation of using it before you tied me up on the table
• Incorporating worship of Mistress’s armpits during the session, it was amazing how you did it so seamlessly and how closely you held my face to your armpits which I loved.
• The teasing and the use of the vibrator wand on my crotch, whilst I didn’t manage to climax, I was constantly in heaven from the buzz of it and how well you used it in conjunction with your hands to constantly tease my intimate parts.
• The constant groping and fondling from Mistress throughout the session, your touch is heavenly and it sends little electric shocks through my system (in a good way of course). This was amplified by how Mistress was not hesitant in getting up close and personal as well, so much so that the role play felt very real.
• And lastly, your outfit was absolutely amazing, from the bodysuit you chose for our session to the stockings and heels – especially loved the stockings when I was worshiping your feet at the start 🙂
I am still in a sort of post-session high today (in a good way), and our session also somehow made its way into my dreams (in a good sort of way too haha). I can’t wait for our next session which I will definitely book in the not so distant future.

Thanks again so much for such an amazing experience.”

If you’re a sissy or a slut looking to explore your feminine side I am still taking applications from new slaves. You can learn how to contact me here. Note well that only complete applications are considered. My schedule is always published well in advance on my twitter. 


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