August Update
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I’ve been a little lazy with my blogging recently but I do have some exciting news. I’ve just opened a new account with OnlyFans. This will be an extension of my social media accounts where my slaves will be able to access additional exclusive content including short videos. You can find me on OnlyFans here.

I also wanted to remind slaves that the lovely Trans Mistress Vedra is still available to assist with my sessions at junior Mistress rates. If you’ve been curious about sessioning with a trans Mistress this would be the ideal opportunity to indulge the fantasy. Her special junior Mistress rates for double sessions will only be available for a few months longer. You can find Mistress Vedra’s site here and her twitter account is here. 

Recently I received this amazing thank you note from one of my slaves.

I wanted to say thank you once again for a wonderful session last week. I am “still in its glow” (in a sane way, of course ****smiling).

When I first started seeing you late last year, I wasn’t really sure what/if I wanted/needed. Almost a year later, and there is no doubt. Even walking to your door, I can feel myself being drawn into your web, and once I am on my knees waiting for you to come down, I’m pretty much gone. I have complete trust (and therefore no fear) that anything that we do is something you think I can handle and/or need. With the notable exception of cold wet wipes (apparently), that trust allows me to stay in the moment, not worrying about what was before or what’s to come (don’r mean that as a challenge). When I leave, I walk away with a deep contentment, and my life is back in balance again. I have photo images in my head of different activities, much a deeper memory of how you allowed me to feel, and of you.
It’s a wonderful gift that you give me Mistress.
thank you,
very humbly,
I’ve had a few slaves requesting my wishlist lately and I really should compile a new one! In the meantime I’m coveting items from:
So I could certainly put a gift card from either of these places to good use.


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