Busy week – shoot and sessions.
Sydney Dominatrix Mistress Jadis Red Riding Crop Black Latex


Phew! That was a busy week. Lots of sessions, lots of behind the scenes work and plenty to do on the personal front as well.

The highlight of the week was Saturday when I caught up with Sydney photographer Peter Starr to shoot some new content. Peter’s work caught my eye initially because he’d photographed a lot of tattooed women but also because he’d done some lovely work for latex designer Matt Bylett. I’ve already had a chance to check out the raw pics and I think we managed to capture some good images.

Earlier in the week I played with a slave who I haven’t seen for a while. I’m sure most of you will have heard of ladies who provide a “girlfriend experience”…that’s really not what I do.. however in this case I do provide a fairly intense “friendzone experience”. Poor little slave absolutely adores me, so much so that he’ll buy my drinks, pick up the tab on my hotel rooms, follow me around like an adoring puppy, watch me put on my makeup and fuss with my outfits. Of course none of it’s for him. He gets to endure the exquisite pain of hearing me detail my plans for when my actual lovers come around. If he’s really lucky he might get locked in the cupboard so he can at least hear what’s going on. He’s so keen to get a little piece of me that he just loves when I spit in his mouth or use him as a toilet.

I was also able to assist my friend Mistress Servalan with her longest extended session yet. Her slave was in captivity for a whole week. I came in midweek for an overnight so she was able to have a break. Overnight and multi day sessions are really quite different in intensity and pacing to one and two our sessions. While the intensity of the “action” tends to be less overwhelming in the moment to shorter sessions there’s a real intensity to the experience of being under a Mistresses control for such a long time. Mistress controls movement, speech, food, bathroom breaks…everything really! Bondage fans will appreciate that not only is there time to explore complex ties there’s also time to luxuriate in the feeling of restraint.

I think my favourite moment of this particular overnight was finding that slave had been attempting to save himself the embarrassment of using the potty while trapped in the cell. I promptly secured him to the toilet chair in front of the mirror and hydrated him till he had no choice but to surrender his dignity. Such fun!


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