Classic roleplay in session: School & Office
Mistress Jadis Black Keyhole latex red riding crop


So glad to see some spring weather in Sydney finally. While Carisbrook was a welcome escape from the rain and wind it’s great to see the sun out.

I’ve been keeping myself busy in the dungeon with quite a few roleplay sessions. While I’m normally into more esoteric roleplays, late last week I had fun revisiting some classics.

As the headmistress of Jadis High I keep a sharp eye on all my charges. I had noticed that my new pupil was quiet, shy and hard working. Initially it appeared he was integrating well into a school environment that was close to 90% female. The girls at the school soon exploited this and treating him like a slave, set him to work doing homework, cleaning desks, buying food and drink, polishing shoes and washing their socks and underwear. As he’d put in so much effort to ingratiate himself he was even allowed in the girls change room.

Disaster was coming. Panties went missing from the change room! After consulting with my prefects and checking camera footage my student’s misdeeds became clear. It was time to get to the bottom of his behaviour and punish him accordingly.

As he was questioned it quickly became very clear that he had used his privileged status as the girl’s little pet to indulge his own perversions. A locker check sealed his fate. He’d escalated from sock sniffing, to panty sniffing, to pilfering, masturbation and finally toilet seat licking. Obviously it was important that the punishment fit the crime and that he display proper contrition.

In the second roleplay I was the manager of a successful real estate business. Most of my employees are women but working back late, I find one of my few male employees still in the office. Unbeknownst to me his ridiculous ego had led him astray. He’d taken my professional regard the wrong way and developed a crush on me. Convinced that the feeling was mutual he’d chosen today as the day to propose to me.

After harshly shooting down his inappropriate and ridiculous attempt at a proposal, I had a proposal of my own. If he wanted so badly to be close to me he could be my little slave. He was less than sure about that until I told him that I was closely acquainted with his boss from his previous role and that I knew all about the reasons that hadn’t worked out for him.

I detailed his chair sniffing, porn printing, secret masturbation, not so secret masturbation and dalliances in the women’s toilets and of course, the consequences of these misdeeds being exposed. After that he was more than willing to show how very sorry he was by prostrating himself at my feet to begin life as my slave.

Truly working for me now, he knows that he could be called to my office at any time to worship my feet, be smothered beneath my perfect round bottom or even have his water glass with my lovely golden piss.


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