Couple’s Session Review
Mistress Jadis Black Keyhole latex red riding crop


A slave’s review of a recent couple’s session.

“This is my review in regards to the session i had with my Mistress and my wife.  My wife and Mistress Jadis get along together so well its seriously unheard off.

The reason the session was set up was because my wife complained to Mistress that i have not been pleasing her well and that i needed to be trained and learn how to please.

My wife ( MissP) arranged a session and both of us rocked up at the door. I was feeling even more nervous about the humiliation i was going to suffer at the hands of these 2 beautiful Queens.

When i arrived Mistress greeted MissP with lots of smiles and i immediately resumed my slave position on the carpet. I was told to strip naked and was made fun of in front my wife in regards to how pathetic and sad my cock is. Even MissP agreed that she deserved bigger and better.

I was than given a huge scolding of not servicing my wife properly which nearly made me cry because here i am, a grown man having a female, scold me about not pleasing my wife. The ego was crushed and i was hurt.

After being sent upstairs i was made to grovel at the feet if MissP and made to beg for forgiveness. I was also allowed to worship Mistress’s boots which i did so devotedly.

I was then told to go over Mistress’s lap and was given a OTK spanking which i found so insulting. To make it worse, i was than asked to go to MissP’s lap and beg her for a spanking while Mistress supervised and scolded me even more.

Once that was done, i was put in slave positions and of course my body was made fun of again as my sad miserable cock could not hide anywhere.

I was than told to crawl over the spanking bench, not for a spanking but for anal training. If i want to be a good lil sissy maid i need to learn how to take cock in my mouth and ass.

Mistress lubed me up and probed me with a finger. Not soon later Miss P joined in. It was very humiliating to have my ass exposed and than having my ass penetrated with their fingers.  Once i was warmed up, Mistress decided to put an anal hook in me and secured it.

I was than made to crawl over to them and it was time to prove my worth as a good little cock sucker. I love cock and this was my chance to prove i’m not useless. And boy did i suck it. i sucked Miss P’s cock first and i was teasing it, looking in her eyes sucking cock, licking the balls and everything. My back was arched and i looked so slutty. Than i went over to Mistress’s strapon cock and sucked it with devotion and passion. I secretly wished it was a real cock one day and hope i could make it cum in my mouth!

Once that was done, and both my Queens were pleased, Miss P removed her underwear and i was taught how to please a woman. Mistress guided me to MissP’s pussy and i licked it, sucked it, nibbled it and brought pleasure to Miss P. She loved it since it was a long time before i went down on her.

Once that was done Mistress decided to give me a golden shower, since i am personal toilet slave after all. She could not pee but once she removed her beautiful corset the pee came and i drank it in front of Miss P and Mistress with pure deviation and passion.

What a brilliant session, and i didn’t even cum!!!”


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