Crossdressers, Sissies & Sluts – exploring Feminisation

Crossdressing, feminisation, sissy play and slut training are all common areas of kink interest. Many straight and bisexual men are excited by the thought of being feminised, especially at the hand of a beautiful Dominant woman.

Kink players with feminisation interests are diverse in their motivations, needs and the expression of their kink. As with most kinks, there are common themes, but one size definitely does not fit all. Feminisation play can work from the very lightest experimentations with stockings or panties right through to full transformations and heavy sissy training.

The conventions of feminisation play tend to rely heavily on a very stereotypical vision of femininity. In a society that has a difficult relationship with sex and gender, this can be a delicate area to explore. Especially since the very narrow confines of stereotypical masculinity are socially policed so harshly. While there’s a lot that could be debated about gender stereotypes, what’s certain is the power they have over our desires & play. I aim to hold a safe space for my crossdressers, sissies and sluts to explore this side of themselves. I’m a firm believer in the alchemical qualities of kink, with play often used to explore and transform areas of tension or conflict turning them into erotic magic. This can very much be the case with feminisation.

So what’s in it for me?

Well firstly I’m very visual and a big fan of putting together visual treats for myself to enjoy in the dungeon. Making my subs into my pretty little dollies or sumptuous sluts is always very satisfying on that level. There’s nothing like that reveal moment in a full transformation where the sub is just shocked and delighted at how beautiful they look.

I also find the transgression of messing with the boundaries of gender quite sexy in itself. Think of how many famous musicians and actors incorporate feminine elements in their looks. It’s super attractive and quite powerful. Femdom itself draws enormous power from its subversion of gender roles.

Of course, there’s also the simple fun of playing dress-ups. Experimenting with outfits and makeup, snapping pics and just enjoying some “girl time”. Long before I was a ProDomme I was known to rope (sometimes literally) willing or not so willing boyfriends into little makeovers. Grooming someone and controlling their look? Hot.

The practice of erotic feminisation can be broken down into and explored on visual, tactile and behavioural levels with some players focusing their interests on one of these areas and others wanting it all. Another layer is the element of control taking the sub to surrender. The ultimate surrendering of masculinity as part of surrendering the self. There are many crossdressers who simply find that their sensual experience is enhanced by sampling one or two elements from a traditionally feminine wardrobe. Stockings, panties and heels are common choices and can lend a sexy, naughty frisson to the experience or perhaps just a touch of deep red or shocking pink lipstick.

Other cross dressers wish to immerse themselves more deeply in the visual and tactile landscape of femininity. They enjoy the signs, sensations of stockings, satin and lace, the delicious constriction of corsets and shapewear or the sexy effect that high heels have on posture and gait.

Makeup and hair preferences vary greatly, with some crossdressers liking just a quick swipe of lipstick and maybe a wig. Others love to immerse themselves in the very intimate experience of having their makeup carefully applied. The sensual sweep of brushes across their faces, the close proximity of Mistress and of course that magical moment of finally looking in the mirror to see their feminised selves are all very appealing.

Sissification Training

Sissification Training involves the gradual process of deleting masculine traits and installing hyperfeminine ones in their place. This involves not only appearance but speech, movement and manners. For those looking for guidance in this area, some of the vintage deportment manuals provide a wealth of wonderfully pervertable ideas.

Maid Training

A woman’s work is never done! Maid training involves not only appearance and deportment but “women’s work” as well. Maids are trained in the art of graceful service, cleaning, sometimes cooking and baking and for those especially privileged the intimate duties of a ladies chambermaid.

Slut Training

Involves feminisation training with a strong focus on the carnal arts. Sissy sluts are trained to let go of their inhibitions, develop and embrace their cock obsession, display their assets and really embrace their horny side. Sluts learn how to be fucked, suck and debase themselves hornily for the entertainment of their Mistress and potentially her guests.


There are many visual styles and archetypes for feminisation fans to explore. Maids, schoolgirls, secretaries, frilly sissy babies, virgin sacrifices, glamorous divorcees, slutty club girls, pinup princesses, cute anime catgirls – and so much more. The options are limitless.

I love exploring all of these and helping those discovering the excitement of feminisation, or those who already know it’s joys, to find out just how endless the possibilities are.







I conduct my sessions from Mistress Servalan’s Carisbrook dungeon. Mistress Servalan is also an enormous fan of feminisation play, you can read her thoughts on crossdressing and sissification here. The Carisbrook crossdressing area contains an enormous range of feminine attire (in a wide variety of sizes), shoes, corsets, wigs and makeup.








All sissies, crossdressers and sluts pictured in this post were transformed personally by me and their pictures are of course used here with their permission.




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