Sydney Dominatrix Mistress Jadis


Mistress Servalan and I have been industrious in the last few days, making changes to Carisbrook in order to accommodate the magnificent new throne that’s just arrived. Strangely enough we’ve managed to incorporate this large new piece of dungeon furniture while increasing the usable space in the already large main dungeon. I’m greatly enjoying having a more fitting place to rest while having my feet, shoes or boots worshipped.

I’ve been enjoying myself in session recently. The last few weeks have seen quite a few subs returning to me to expand upon content that’s previously been enjoyed in session. Like most successful Mistresses I’m reasonably intuitive but of course I’m not a mind reader, communication is key!

A few things to consider if you want to go further:

*What elements of previous sessions have you most enjoyed? This is worth considering from both an in the moment and a memory perspective. Sometimes things that were uncomfortable or difficult during play can transform into the hottest memories.

*What erotic themes work for you when you’re playing alone? What elements or feelings found in these themes would work for you in session?

*What elements of previous sessions have not worked for you? Why? What would need to change in order to make that activity work for you.

*Not every fantasy needs to become a reality. It’s great to explore but sometimes things are just best in the realm of imagination. Roleplay and verbal during session can also be a valid way to explore activities that physically don’t work for you.

*What are your hard limits?

When communicating new ideas and directions timing is important. Generally this is best discussed via email prior to the session or in the pre-session chat. Email communication can be an excellent tool if you find yourself freezing up or forgetting ideas during the pre-session chat.

While much of this post is about going further I also wanted to remind readers that kink isn’t a competition. While many subs are keen to explore widely it’s also ok to stick to the level and types of play you are comfortable with if that’s what you enjoy. There’s always going to be someone who can play heavier or harder – but there’s really no point if the play is not meeting your core needs.


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