Introducing: Miss Atreides – apprentice Domina
Dominatrix in black latex corset


I’m sure many of you are curious to learn more about Carisbrook’s new apprentice. She’s written a short bio so you can gain a better understanding of her background and motivation to train with Mistress Servalan and myself.

“My prior background lies in leather couture, corsetry,  and costume making for theatre and film – I have a degree in Costume, and studied Costume Design at a graduate level, as well as having worked on major film, TV and theatre productions.

BDSM, however, is a driving passion in my life, and my decision to pursue professional kink was borne of the wonderful revelation that while I enjoy the challenge and skill of creating costumes, what brings me the truest satisfaction and happiness in my life lies in the expression of my genuine dominance, and the intensely gratifying feeling of a trusting, authentic exchange of power.  

Being a strong believer in committing properly to every life choice, once I realized that my heart was firmly set on a career in professional kink I immediately sought out guidance. I was incredibly fortunate to be offered a place as an apprentice at Carisbrook under the extremely experienced guidance of Mistress Servalan and Mistress Jadis – an experience that has thus far been very demanding, yet intensely, wonderfully rewarding beyond my wildest hopes.

During my time so far at Carisbrook, I have encountered new and glorious aspects of BDSM seemingly every single session, which has been a tremendous journey of focused learning wrapped in ecstatically tantalizing experiences. While my interests are wide-ranging (and seem to be expanding on an almost daily basis!), I have always maintained a particular fondness for age play, cross-dressing, and role play.

I’m a voluptuous, raven-haired BBW. Even in relatively modest high heels, I stand over six feet tall, and I am blessed with an ample hourglass frame that fills out my favourite vintage, leather and latex outfits rather delightfully. My background in costume means that I am the very fortunate owner of an ever-growing and extensive, lovingly crafted wardrobe of fetishwear and costumes that I have acquired over the years, and I relish the opportunity to adorn myself with these beautiful garments during my apprenticeship in sessions at Carisbrook.

Thus far, I have met some truly wonderful slaves during my training at Carisbrook, and am privileged with invitations to attend such a wide range of sessions. I look forward very much to sessions with those slaves I have yet to meet, and also to further my experiences with those slaves I have already enjoyed some truly wonderful sessions with during my apprenticeship.”


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