Kink Social Media: Enhancing your submissive experience
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Like it or loathe it, social media has become an integral part of our lives. While much has been said recently about the negative aspects of kink social media, it’s worth examining the positive side, with a particular focus here on how kink social media can be of value to the submissive clients of professional Dominatrices.

*Assessing compatibility with Dommes of interest.

Social media can be an excellent tool for assessing your compatibility with Dommes that you are interested in seeing for a session. While most serious Dominas have quite comprehensive websites, kink social media allows you a less filtered and formal insight into their personalities and interests.

Dommes do curate their social media feeds, but there’s a wealth of information there for those who wish to know more as you can see how she interacts with others, deals with questions and minor conflicts as well as enjoying her selfies and session pics.

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*A way to feel connected with your Domme or Dommes between sessions.

Sometimes, and especially right now with the coronavirus crisis causing so much disruption in our lives, the wait between sessions can feel… (and actually be) very extended. Social media is a great way to catch up with what your favourite Dommes are up to, and a fantastic way to interact with them in between bookings.

*A sense of community.

Many submissives are unable to be open about their kinks with their real world contacts. This can lead to a sense of isolation and disconnection. Kink social media provides an easy way for submissives to interact with not only Dominants, but with each other, providing valuable learning opportunities and a feeling of community.

*Expanding your kink horizons.

Kink social media can provide an amazing opportunity to expand your kink horizons. Pictures and posts show not only familiar and common kinks but those that are new to the viewer, sometimes sewing the seeds for future play and exploration.


*A reminder that the kink world is very large and diverse.

Linked to the above, kink social media makes it very clear that not only are there people out there with shared interests, there are people out there with varied kink interests also. It’s healthy to remember that your kinks are just that, your kinks – not the be all and end all of kink.


In combination with other resources, kink social media can provide valuable learning opportunities. The canny submissive can use kink social media to learn about safety, boundaries, emotional intelligence and new-to-them kinks. The beauty of social media is that it’s often easy to see multiple viewpoints on a topic, very quickly and easily. It is always worth fact checking information gleaned on social media, or indeed elsewhere, people’s posts come from a vast variety of skill and experience levels and a high follower count doesn’t necessarily mean a knowledgeable view!

*Keeping up with events and opportunities.

Kink social media is an ideal way to quickly and easily keep up to date with upcoming events. Information on clubs, parties, munches and workshops are all able to be found in your feeds. In addition, some Dommes also advertise filming opportunities for slaves on social media.

*A way to help and promote your favourite Dominas

Sadly there are few advertising sites for Australian Dommes with relevant branding and locally useful SEO. This means our social media accounts are an important marketing venue for us. Sadly many social media platforms shadowban or outright remove adult industry accounts on a regular basis. The algorithms favour interaction and you can help your favourite Dominas by liking, commenting on and sharing their posts.


*Amplifies anticipation

If you’ve got a session date locked in with a Domina, perusing her social media can definitely add to the anticipation. Will she wear that hot outfit she posted a pic of recently? Which of the new toys you’ve seen her posting about will she use? Was that sneaky little hint about a particular punishment for you? Your Dommes feed can definitely provide ample fuel for the imagination prior to a session.

*A break from mainstream social media

Family, vanilla friends, doom and gloom, news and politics. Kink social media can provide a very welcome break from the monotony and negativity of your mainstream social media accounts.

…and of course…. This article would be incomplete without mentioning the multitude of opportunities to admire beautiful and powerful Dommes. If nothing else kink social media provides very plentiful eye candy!

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While we’re here my ONLY socials are: Twitter, SwitterFacebook and Fetlife. Please be aware that it’s become very common for scammers to impersonate Dommes on social media. Read my warning on social media scams here.  Daddy An Li has also put together a very helpful post on spotting and avoiding scammers here.



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