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I’m super excited by my new collection of corporal punishment implements from The London Tanner and thought I’d write a quick post to show them off. I’d been following The London Tanner  on twitter  for quite some time and was always a fan of their work.

As an equestrienne, I can be quite fussy about quality when it comes to leather implements. Being used to beautifully stitched saddles and well-finished bridles sometimes I see kink leatherwork that falls a little flat. This is NOT the case with London Tanner. They use the most amazing, high-quality harness leather for their pieces and finish them with the utmost of care.

Each and every one of this collection of implements is perfectly balanced, ergonomic and a real joy to use. Administering corporal punishment is always a satisfying experience, but it’s even more of a treat for me when I’m able to use such gorgeous toys.

From left to right:

Mini Spanking Tawse

Cute much? This lovely little toy came as a free bonus with my most recent London Tanners order. While it’s small it certainly brings quite the sting and is the ideal size to use with the recipient in the classic over the knee position. It’s also useful for punishing more intimate areas.

Leather Cane

The implement that started my London Tanners obsession! This is a really unique toy and while it’s labelled as a cane it’s quite unlike a rattan cane to handle and to be on the receiving end of. Not for the faint of heart this toy is made from three layers of very heavy leather, making it very weighty and authoritative. It delivers a resounding, penetrating impact.

The Double Dutch

Tawse or a slapper paddle? Why not both? This versatile toy can be flipped to give two very different sensations. At 53cm and made from two types of substantial leather this toy delivers a rather memorable impact.

DD Razor Strop

Another implement delivering double trouble. This beautiful strop is made from two layers of 5mm thick leather. The double layer means it delivers a very weighty impact and it makes the most gorgeous CRACK as it meets tender flesh.

DD Strap

This gorgeous 50cm strap has a layered, built up handle and is made from heavy 5.5mm thick leather. It’s simple, but perfectly executed and is extremely effective in reddening even the toughest of bottoms.

Reformatory Paddle

This beautiful, substantial paddle has a unique rolled handle. It’s holes mean it’s aerodynamic. It’s large size and the density of the leather used ensures it lands with true authority.

Canadian Prison Strap

Severe, serious and solid. This strap is a faithful reproduction made to the specifications of the Canadian Prison Authorities. The weight and balance of this toy makes it very efficient to use whilst delivering maximum correction to bottoms in need of memorable discipline.

Ruler Strap With Holes

A more nimble, aerodynamic toy that can be used to solid effect on many different areas of the body. It’s well proportioned design makes it almost effortless to use but I can guarantee that more than a little effort may be required to receive it’s correction with grace.

I was a little concerned I’d overcapitalised on London Tanners implements but just a little experimentation assured me that all of these toys impart quite a unique sensation to the recipient.

Delivered individually or as part of a London Tanners “degustation” the beauty and severity of these toys is difficult to deny. Leather of this quality gets better with age, I can’t wait to see how they break in with extended use.

My colleague Daddy An Li, based in Los Angeles  is eagerly awaiting a full set of London Tanner implements, sent to her by a generous slave. Given that she’s a keen corporal punishment player I’m eager to hear her thoughts on them when they arrive. You can follow her adventures on twitter here. 

For those interested in reading more on the art of discipline, my colleague Mistress Servalan has recently been posting about CP archetypes, including the differences between the disciplinarian and dungeon Domme mindsets. You can read more here.

I will be visiting Sydney again at the end of this month. Up to date tour details can be found here, on my availability page.


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