No Rest for the Wicked – A general Update.
Sydney Domme Mistress Jadis in Boots, fishnest and latex bodysuit


No rest for the wicked! I’ve been keeping myself very busy with sessions and having a lot of fun.

I’m in Sydney and available over the long weekend. As always 24 hours notice is required.

Earlier in the week I was able to roleplay my favourite Game of Thrones character again, with a twist. Slave is a huge Skyrim fan so our roleplay was a clash of fantasy universes. Of course the appropriate sacrifice of pain was made with a beautiful heavy cold caning and some piercing fun. Always nice to be able to enjoy my blood fetish. I was sent some marks photos this morning, very satisfying!

Yesterday was a day of contrasts. Mistress Servalan and I began the day with a hilariously camp roleplay. We discovered that a sister Domina had been luring clients away from our dungeon. After she was questioned it was decided that she needed to be disposed of. After a very dramatic death Mistress Servalan then needed to cover her tracks by cutting my throat and leaving both the bodies arranged boot to boot.

I then went on to enjoy a very serene, focused rope session with a lovely fit little rope bunny. Such a pleasure to tie and torment.

My day ended with a HILARIOUS strip routine. I have to say that the big reveal….was far from big. Nonetheless slave put a lot of energy into making sure I was entertained.

Oh – don’t be alarmed if my website is down for a day or two in the near future. Planned maintenance..and upgrades!


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