Overnight Session

It’s been a relaxing day for me today. I’ve been a busy Mistress in general of late but I certainly deserve a day off after last night’s overnight session.

slave had played with me extensively before and was celebrating his birthday. We’d been planning this overnight for quite some time but as he loves pleasing me and I have a very good idea of his session interests the details were left up to me.

I’d made it known that there was a surprise in store for the evening. After slave was locked into his collar and chastity device, bound and blindfolded the surprise was revealed. Mistress Servalan and I are trialling a potential apprentice Mistress at present so lucky slave had two ladies to torment him for the first portion of the session.

I’d be here all night if I were to detail everything that took place. Suffice to say that these longer sessions give lots of time for extended bondage and control, as well as to really, thoroughly explore each activity.

I think one of my favourite moments was having slave restrained and suspended in the ball cage, piercing his nipples and attaching them to the cage above, rocking the cage back and forth while playing with the dental floss bound piercings. Super fun!

This morning saw a very tired but very happy Mistress and slave. Of course I couldn’t resist an early morning golden shower, some caning and some special birthday needles to start the day before releasing slave back into the wild.

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