Overnight sessions, thrashings and games…
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Sydney is definitely cooling down at the moment but I’ve been having no trouble at all keeping warm in the air conditioned dungeon.One of my loyal slaves celebrated his birthday last week with a wonderful overnight session. Given the luxurious amount of time at our disposal we were able to explore lots of different heavier bondage positions, as well as lots of cock and ball torture, corporal punishment and anal play. My lucky slave slept in shackles that night and was woken early to be catheterised and drained.

sydney dominatrix slave collared

I also recently heard from one of my overseas slaves who was able to see me when travelling to Sydney. Here’s what he had to say about our time together: “I’m back in Europe since 2 months now, and I’m still dreaming about our 2 sessions in your fantastic dungeon. I definitely discover a new aspect of domination with you. Nothing common w/ my previous experiences, probably because of your dungeon fully equipped, but most of it because of your experience. I don’t have word to describe the emotion, feeling, sentiment, sensation… where I was going through during this 3 hours under your authority. “

Mistress Servalan and I were able to combine our powers again a little while ago to discipline a certain naughty boy. This time he requested a stable boy scenario where we both caned him for his carelessness. After that we were able to entertain ourselves with a card game. A card game with consequences of course! I ended up winning but of course it was only right that I share nicely and donate half of the “prize” strokes to Mistress Servalan. I am sure the naughty boy had a very tender time sitting on his way back home, especially since we topped off the caning with a tandem treatment from matching riding crops.


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