Roleplay Session: Murder Most Foul!
Dominatrix in black latex corset


I’ve been getting my roleplay on again. Murder most foul! This time my victim was a willing and horny leather special girl who I picked up at a club. She’d been watching me over a few weeks and had noticed that none of the ladies who I took home with me ever seemed to come to that club again.. after luring her back to my apartment we passionately embraced. She dropped to her knees in front of me and worshipped my beautiful boots claiming that she’d do “anything” for me.

Quick to cease the opportunity I tied her hands to the bedposts and removed her panties before securing her legs. After making sure she was very aroused I told her that I’d leave her like that and make her wait for me and that she’d better be just as wet when I returned…..

That was when everything changed. Returning to the bedroom with a large cock strapped on I turned very cold. I told her she was a useless slut and did not deserve to live. Producing a large sharp knife I proceeded to carve up her face and breasts before frenziedly stabbing her and cutting her throat. Satisfied with my handiwork I proceeded to fuck her lifeless mouth and pussy with my strapon before jamming my gun in her mouth to blow off her head. I then covered the body and curled up next to it, with my boots right in her face to sleep.

After chatting with some curious vanilla friends of mine I’m toying with the idea of hosting a CFNM afternoon/evening. Not only would the evening be an opportunity for the ladies to experience some FemDom fun, it would also be an amazing opportunity for slaves who have been keen to “perform” in front of a group of interested ladies. slaves would appear individually, special rates would apply and the event would be hosted on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with plenty of notice given. Gauging interest at present so please contact me if you would potentially like to be involved.

As I’ve recently moved much closer to the dungeon and am a morning person I am trialling offering early morning sessions. For the next few weeks I will be available from 8am.


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