Session Review from a Grateful Sydney submissive.


A very grateful Sydney submissive reviews his first session with me.

Hi Mistress,

 I want to thank you again for the session and for allowing me to serve you. I don’t remember the last time I felt so euphoric and content. I also want to apologize for being so nervous and not being fully present at the start of the session. It’s a shame that after so much waiting, I couldn’t take in every moment of being in your service; While I am familiar with the nerves before the session, yesterday was very strange, extreme, and unprecedented. Apart from being a little under the weather for a couple of days before the session (mentally no COVID, promise), the main reason I think was it was really important to me not to disappoint you.

The session was perfect in every possible way. You were stunning as always and I realized that photos are far from doing justice. You had the perfect balance of humor and effortless uncompromising domination. While I felt more comfortable later in the session I never forget who is in charge.

At times I was a little scared (or more than a little) yet totally trusted you to take me anywhere you liked. Being able to combine so many contradicting concepts into a fantastic experience, is truly an art and you can do it effortlessly.

I am not going to waste your time with the details as I hope we will have opportunities to discuss them for future sessions later. It’s difficult for me to say which part of the session was my favorite. Of course, on top is having the privilege of worshipping your scent (which came as a surprise). But surprisingly the pins on my cock (don’t know the name of the device) although very cruel and painful while being vulnerable and not knowing when it will end was a masterpiece. It brought my whole attention to the rest of the session and left a strange aftertaste that I liked.

Then comes the little scare you gave me at the beginning with the knife:)). The constant playful yet cruel teasing; verbally and physically and the ritual, from bringing me out of the cage and collaring me to removing the collar at the end of the session… oh and the CP; As you predicted the marks fades quickly just a bit of redness that looks more like a skin rash so no worries.

And one last thing, it’s good to finally be able to serve a Mistress with a very good music taste:), it really sets the mood. Thank you, Mistress.

I’ll be back in Sydney conducting sessions next week 30th March thru to 3rd April. Check my availability calendar on my Apply To Serve page for session opportunities. Tour updates are also available on my twitter.


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