Sexy Sissies, Chaste slaves and one Happy Mistress
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It’s high time I penned an update on my availability and adventures.

Sheer catsuit sexy red lips

Firstly, availability. I’m just back from a refreshing week off and will be available in Sydney for the next month. My esteemed colleague, Mistress Servalan is away in the US for most of this time so I will be enjoying enhanced dungeon availability. My normal rule is a hard “No same day bookings” but for slaves who I have seen previously I will be more likely to grant an exception during this period. New slaves absolutely must demonstrate that they have read and understood my protocols. The best way to do this is by following them to the letter. You can find information about when and how to contact me here and there’s a longer version for new players here.

Before I continue with pics and comments on recent play I want to remind readers that I respect the privacy of my slaves. Posted pics are of slaves that I know well and I always check that they consent to both the picture being taken and to me posting it on my blog or social media.

I have to admit I am more than a little bit in love with this quick snapshot. I have a very particular slave position that I like my slaves to wait in for me and this is certainly not it. Here my slave waits in a position I enjoy for ballbusting. As you can see he’s conveniently holding his cock up so that I can focus on busting his balls. I love how the dungeon looks and the anticipation inherent in the picture. We went on to do 100 hard kicks after this was taken.

Ah yes! Anticipation. I just love it. 67 Needles all lined up. Ready to be inserted in slave’s genitals. Happy Birthday slave 😉

Oh and of course it’s always important to keep the things that might get a slave in trouble firmly locked away! Absolutely love this custom Steekwerks device on one of my owned slaves. His time locked goes beyond extended.


Wow! Just look at this sexy sissy. I’m very pleased with how this transformation worked out. “She” was amazed looking in the mirror and loved playing with “her” new sexy persona. I’ll be taking this newly minted sissy on another adventure this week that I am sure her slutty side is going to love.


While we’re on the topic of sluts just look at all these anal toys!



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