Short and Sharp: Half Hour Sessions
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Half hour sessions can be a little controversial in the world of professional kink and are not something every lady offers. Certainly they’re not a good option if you have multiple interests or you’re someone who takes time to relax and sink into the play experience.

However there’s a few types of session that are very well suited to a half hour. Many of my foot fetish slaves enjoy half hour sessions, especially if foot worship is their primary interest. Simple, verbal based humiliation and roleplay scenarios can also work well in the half hour format.

Of course the other type of session that’s beautifully suited to a half hour is a short, sharp domestic themed spanking, paddling and/or thrashing with the cane.

Mistress Jadis's discipline equipment

Here’s some feedback from a grateful spankee that I met for the first time recently. It seems that he very much enjoyed being over my knee.

“Just a brief note to thank you for the fabulous session yesterday. While a tall leggy lady dressed up in elegant corporate suit certainly made you my dreamed disciplinarian, I was highly impressed with your professional skills for being able to administer it hard enough to be felt like real punishment, but without leaving undesirable marking. This morning, the red stripes from caning have already disappeared leaving the remaining marks insignificant. If there is any regret for me, it is for not having met you earlier. “


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