slave writing: My first session with Mistress.

One of my slaves recently wrote extensively on Fetlife about his first session with me. Reposting here with his permission as I am sure others would enjoy reading this!

My first session with Mistress.

I attended not knowing what would be required of me. Extremely nervous and self conscious I approached the door. I could hear my heart beating in my brain and the thumping of the chest. My breathing felt shallow as I steeled myself to knock on the door.

The door opened and I was met by a tall dark haired beauty, a smile that was both warm and deadly. I was allowed into a dark hallway and led by the Mistress to a room containing a variety of items intended to bring pleasure and pain. My mouth felt dry as I was asked to sit on an adjoining lounge with the exquisite lady sitting opposite me. I noticed that she was wearing a black dress and her hair fell down to her shoulders. Her features were delicate as if the gods themselves created this thing of beauty.

Mistress sat and talked to me, bringing my pulse rate down. I was asked what I expected to which I replied that I have always felt that I should be there. At this time I have never experienced pain or any other fetish that I so long dreamt about. I informed Mistress that I wished to experience pain to which she replied, “don’t worry I am going to hurt you” those words echoed around my brain firing off brain cells. I felt my pulse quicken. At that point I wanted this goddess to hurt me and felt that I would easily bow down to her.

I was shown around the large dungeon trying to take in what I was seeing like an alcoholic looking for his last drink. I was shown a small cell and told that I was to shower and wait for Her in this cell. I was told to take a position I thought was appropriate whilst waiting. I showered and entered the cell. Naked and feeling vulnerable I knelt on the floor. A short time later I heard the clicking of heals as she approached. My skin felt like electricity was dancing upon it. Mistress was at the cell door. I wanted desperately to look at her but kept my gaze low. I heard a small laugh as she saw the position I had placed myself in telling that I would have to be shown how to wait for her arrival.

I was told to follow her, crawling behind her looking at her feet in her black heels wearing latex pants. I followed behind like a loyal servant until she pointed to a centre line and informed me how to kneel before her. I was told to worship her high heels, my breath caught in my throat as I bent my mouth towards her foot, my eyes felt like kaleidoscopes with colours dancing before them. I was in rapture as I kissed and licked her beautiful shoes running my tongue of them. I ached for my mouth to touch the naked flesh of her magnificent feet. My ecstasy was short lived.

Mistress told to kneel and a collar was placed firmly around my neck. I felt like as if I just came home, the missing puzzle of my life feel into place, I felt completed and content. The feeling of belonging was beyond belief. I was placed into bonds with Mistress moving behind me. I was going to experience pain and felt the anxiety of my life leave my body. I waited and felt the first blows, they did not hurt but the solid thud against my back bought me insatiable joy. Mistress moved onto a number of whips each one more intense than the previous one. The flesh on my back was on fire, I could feel the heat radiating of my body, small beads of sweat were forming on my lip and brow. When I thought I could not take it anymore Mistress stopped and I felt her move behind me, her hands touching my hot skin, the coolness, that human contact that I have not experienced. I could heat the purr emanate from her. I did not feel alone anymore. I fully understood the meaning of pleasure and pain. This creature of the gods filled me with joy. The horrors of my life escaping me.

I was bought back to reality when Mistress reached around and pinched my nipples, if I had not been bounded into place I would have fell to my knees. The pain was blissful and my breath was short. Mistress said, you wanted to know about the dragon tail. Mistress moved behind me again. My body was tense, the anticipation was palpable. The first strike connected just below my left shoulder blade. I wanted to stay strong and not whimper. I manage to hold it in when the second blow connected with the right shoulder blade. I winced showing her my weakness. Two more blows and I felt proud that I did not cry out. But Mistress was not finished with her sadistic game for she informed me that I was going to get a taste of her single tail that I admired in a photo.

I inwardly groaned and waited for the kiss of the tail. It was quick, I jumped feeling my muscles flex in agony. The sound was short and sharp, like a small pistol firing. I felt my skin dancing and shivers ran down my spine. I only experience 4 kisses of the single tail when Mistress moved behind me once again and I felt her cool hands once again on my skin. I ached for that touch, the contrast of coolness against the heat, hearing her soothing words behind me, telling me that I did well. I was proud and so wanted to please this wonderful human who bought be out of my darkness.

Mistress unbound me and I was to crawl behind her to a bench in the middle of the room. Mistress told me to lay on my back upon the bench to which I complied. Mistress went to work securing my legs and arms with rope. I lay there thinking how good I was that I endured the first of my punishments. I was blindfolded, the sensation was this bought was both cosmic and unsettling. The loss of sight made me feel vulnerable and with no control. I felt Mistress move to my right shoulder, I could feel the energy from her presence. Her hair slightly brushed against my shoulder her hands on my chest. Explosion of pain and rapture as a clamp was applied to my right nipple. The pain was burning but caused me to catch my breath. My hands clenched as I rode the roller coaster of delight. I could hear a buzzing noise and felt something vibrate against my nipple, this cause a small arch in my back as I savoured the contrast of pain and joy. I felt myself groan and I wanted to beg for more. I felt fine pins run across my nipple, an exquisite feeling. I feeling of wonderment as Mistress applied pressure to allow the wheel of joy to bite into my nipple. I wonder what this was, how do I get one, please don’t let this stop. I could feel the skin of her arm on the side of my face. I wanted to immerse myself in what she was doing. I never wanted this to stop.

Mistress repeated the experience on my left nipple, the sensation was one that I have never experienced before. My mind was racing, I could hear Mistress enjoying herself and my expense which bought more joy. When her manipulations on my nipples stopped I wanted to do was worship this deity who controlled my body. The blind fold was removed, I lay there feeling dizzy with unbridled happiness. This was short lived when I heard the words needles. Yes Mistress asked me what I though about being pinned. I informed her if this is what she wanted then yes. Mistress said it was and jumped up moving out of sight. I lay there in fear not knowing what to expect. My thoughts were jumbled. I questioned myself,”do I want to have this down” I say Mistress with her back towards me. It was then I decided yes if this is what she desired then I will do it. I only wanted to please this Mistress who inflicted this delicious pain upon my flesh and mind.

Mistress returned and told me she was going to pierce the skin on the right side of my chest first. She donned her gloves and swabbed the area. I was told to take a breath and let it out slowly. I felt the needle enter my flesh, lightning flashed in my mind when the needle broke through. I lay there thinking I made it, I did it until I heard the words, now for the nips. I lay there thinking, if this is what Mistress wants then I will endure this. I felt the alcohol swab on my right nipple, the words take a breath and let it out slowly. My fist and jaw clenched as the needle enter the skin just under my right nipple, feeling her push the needle through exiting the other side. Mistress appeared happy in her administrations and moved to the left nipple applying the same technique. Once completed I felt proud that I did this. I also knew this was only one small step in my life now as a Masochist. A Masochist, never thought of myself as one but I was. The doors were opened now, there was no going back to my vanilla life. I thirst for more, I wondered how this creature of beauty would be able to hurt me and in what ways.

I was unbound from the bench. I stood and felt light headed drunk with affection towards this sadistic beauty. Mistress looked at me, asking if I was ok, I smiled saying I don’t want it to end, Mistress assured me that she was not finished with me yet. Mistress place a lead onto the collar around my neck and led me up the stair towards a peculiar bench. I was told to climb onto the bench and then strapped in, I could not move, I felt exposed with my behind just sitting there. I knew what was to come and felt panicky as my bottom was going to be my weakness. I felt her hand impact with my left cheek, the stinging was curious. Mistress kept slapping, I felt my skin burning, Mistress moved to the other side and dealt the punishment out again. This continued until my checks felt numb. I assumed that this was going to be a breeze. How utterly wrong could I have been.

I was strapped to the device exposed. My ass cheeks were burning, I was sore but I wanted more. Mistress moved away and chuckled. Mistress said I have a few different things to show you. Mistress proceeded to use a number of items in the cooperate punishment of the behind. I remember thinking “that’s not showing me” I was actually silly enough to think she was going to show and explain each one to me. No it was a demonstration and it hurt. The worse one was the smallest. There was no give, yes there was the flesh on my bottom checks. I clenched down trying to concentrate on anything but the pain. But each blow bought be back to reality. But after each punishment Mistress would touch me with those delicate hands, this only made me crave for more as I wanted that touch afterwords.

The lesson finished and Mistress unstrapped me from the device, I was giddy as I stood, Mistress smiled at me and I drank that smile in thinking she looked Elvin in appearance, an Elvin Queen with her delicate cheek bones and long hair. The pale white skin with mischievous eyes looking at me.

Mistress led me back down stairs and retrieved a harness device containing a strapon. I took a quick glance at it thinking that does not look to big. I was led into another room by the lead which contained a huge sling dangling from the roof. Mistress told me to lay on it. The room had mirrors and I felt very self conscious, thinking how did I put on all this weight. I was embarrassed and felt the blood run to my face. I climbed up onto the sling and lay there looking up, seeing myself in the mirror above. I was devastated in the way I looked and decided then and there that I would lose this and get my self back into shape. I thought to myself “she must think I’m a slob” I use to be a man who prided himself on fitness. The horrors I have endued certainly took their toll.

I was bought out of my thoughts with Mistress moving between my legs, her gloved hand around my anus, she slowly prepared me, gentle like. Mistress used a number of smaller devices on me first. I wanted to enjoy it but could only see my pathetic self looking back. Mistress said, I think your ready. Mistress entered me slowly and carefully used me. I shut my eyes as I wanted to savour the movement. To me this was one of the ultimate acts of surrender. To let another take me like this. I lay there feeling each gentle thrust thinking how odd. Did I expect her to be gentle. Of course she is a professional and knew that this was new to me. Why would she ruin the moment and my experience. My respect for her grew 10 fold.

Mistress pulled out and cleaned up. I was told to remove myself from the sling and follow her back into the main dungeon area. Mistress said Trample time. I was instructed to lay on my belly in front of yet another mirror next to a huge chained cobweb. I lay there and Mistress took off her heels and laughed at me. Mistress said, “Slave maybe you should have seen a smaller Mistress.” I thought no I knew exactly who I wanted to see, my research was extensive. I spent months researching this. I felt her weight on my back, I loved it, her full weight on me, walking along my back digging the heels of her bear feet into me. Mistress stood on my shoulders and instructed me to move my head to the side.

Mistress stood on the side of my face, her full weight bearing down, my skull hurt but I was exhilarated, I wanted her to stay there never to get off, but she did and to my joy told me to turn my head the other way. Mistress repeated the process saying how good it looked from where she was. Mistress jumped off using the side of my head like a springboard. She put on her heels and again stepped onto my back. Mistress said, I wish I could leave marks, she was cautious not to which I appreciated. But the feeling was different I loved the feeling of the heels digging into my flesh. I wanted to say stuff it go for your life. I did not know how to let her know. I was new and did not know the protocol of how one must speak to a Mistress. I like many have only read story’s which I doubt are true. This was real life, my story.

Mistress told me to turn over onto my back. I thought to myself this will be hard. Mistress stepped up onto my chest. I could not breath, I could not lay still, it hurt, I mean it was really hard to lay there. I have watched movies in regards to Trample, how hard could it be. It was hard, I wanted her to stop, thinking my chest will crush. Lucky for me I could not get the air to speak. Then Mistress dangled that lovely foot in front of my eyes, all pain ceased. I was mesmerised by her foot. Mistress placed it onto my face, I died and went to Valhalla, the feel of her foot on my face, I could not care if my rib cage shattered. This beautiful foot was upon me. Without permission I kissed her foot, she laughed and presented her toes to my mouth. With her weight on my chest I ached to worship that foot, I kissed and licked it. My pleasure was peaking and then she jumped off. I then heard her say, I think its time for some foot worship slave. I nearly jumped out of my skin……..

Mistress walked over to an ornate throne with me quickly crawling after her. Mistress sat and I knelt with my eyes downcast. Mistress presented me with her left foot telling me to worship it. I gazed upon it, burning the image into my mind. Her foot was so delicate looking, each toe in perfect proportion. The arch of her foot and the smoothness of her skin.

I took Mistress’s foot into my hands, I was trembling. Mistress foot was soft and delicate, warm to touch. It was like holding a soft fragile dove. I moved forward breathing in her scent. I kissed the arch of her foot softly moving towards her toes. Upon reaching her toes I slowly took the big toe into my mouth gently sucking upon it. I moved along to each individual toe paying the utmost attention to them. I wanted to please her, that is all I could think of. I concentrated my actions ensuring that I did not become over zealous. I did not want to make the moment about me but all about her.

I kissed along the arch line towards her heel. Gently biting at the same time. I kissed the back of her heel and moved towards her ankle. Mistress bone structure is perfect, beautify manicured feet with no roughness at all. My affection only grew as I was allowed to worship her. Mistress told me to worship her other foot. I gently let go of her left foot and took the right foot into my hands. Mistress foot had a faint smell of lemon with the softest hint of salt. I hungered for more of this. I ran my tongue between each toe ensuring that I did not miss a spot. Whilst holding her foot I gently massaged along the arch with both thumbs whilst gently taking each toe into my mouth.

Mistress told me to kneel. I quickly did so, she told me to open my mouth and she let a small amount of her spit fall into my mouth. I was in rapture and felt my pulse quicken. Her saliva felt soft and I desired more. Mistress told me to swallow which I did savouring he moment. I was quickly bought back to reality with a slap across the face. My mind exploded as Mistress laughed, the laugh was sadistic and I knew that another blow was coming. My wait was not long and another blow across the check followed by more of Mistress spit into my mouth. Mistress informed me to carry on worshipping her foot. I quickly obliged. Shortly after this Mistress told me to kneel again, my excitement grew thinking I was going to be slapped and taste her spit again. Mistress looked at me and smiled, not the sadistic smile but one of understanding, she softly touched my cheek and undid the collar from around my neck saying that I was now released from her service. I was both happy and sad, my emotions were running away from me. I did not want this to stop.

Mistress told me to shower and she would be there when I came out. I showered and when I entered the room again Mistress was there, she smiled at me and I can honestly say the world to me looked different, the colours more vibrant. I did not know what to do or say. I was happy and content. Mistress actually commented that I looked different. I have never felt more alive. What does one do, does one shake hands, try to hug or just say thank you and leave. These thoughts were coursing through my mind. I informed her that it was everything I hoped for and more. I said my good byes and Mistress walked me to the door. I left.

Walking back to my vehicle I was like a newborn, my senses were heightened. I entered my vehicle and sat there. When I mover I could feel my back tighten, if felt like sunburn, it was a nice reminder of what occurred. I was remembering everything in my mind. I then felt exhausted and drained, not in a bad way but a healthy tired way. I drank some water and drove home listening to Depeche Mode. When I got home I laid down, I felt as if I was missing something, I thought about what happened and it dawned on me that I was indeed a Masochist. I wanted to do this again, the thought was driving me crazy and I new this would be one of many visits. I thought of other Dominas I researched. There were two others, no I was content with this one. This one I could trust. I fell asleep dreaming of my experience. When I awoke I was refreshed, it was the best sleep I had in years. I knew I wanted to serve this Mistress.

The beautiful Mistress Jadis

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