Pants “wetting” and punishment: submissive writing

Some fun submissive writing from a session last week. We built the role play around a diary entry that a concerned Auntie had found and bought in to discuss with his teacher. I loved watching him squirm with embarrassment as I read this out loud to him and of course a punishment of far more than six swats was in order for this level of deviance!

“I was bending over so I could put the books on the back seat of her car. My bottom was sticking out and my speedos were half in my crack so one cheek was bare. I didn’t realise that she was behind me and really didn’t expect her to spank me. She only spanked me once but I got a shock and straight away dickie started to swell.

I hadn’t had a pull all day so before I could get into the front seat my speedos were really starting to bulge. I was lucky I had my towel with me. I pulled it out of my bag.

The ride to the bus stop was taking forever and dickie was starting to throb like he does when he’s about to explode. I could see the bus stop in the distance as dickie started to squirt into my speedos.

I had to tell her that I had wet my pants. I hoped she would stay calm and not ask me any questions. She was going to drive me home but I asked her to take me back to school with her. She took me to the office and told me to wait.

When she came back she was holding a pair of school shorts. She told me to change in the store room and gave me some tissues. I wasn’t game to say anything and went into the storeroom to change into the shorts.

Next thing I know she’s come into the storeroom and before I can pull the pants up she tells me to wait. Then she walks up behind me and spanks my bare bottom six times real hard! Then she pulls up my pants just like she was my mum.

After that she took me home. It wasn’t long before I got to have a pull while I remembered what had happened.”

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