Supervillain Roleplay

Phew! Things have been very busy at Carisbrook over the last few weeks so I apologise if I’ve been difficult to get hold of or slow to reply to emails. I’m taking a day or two off midweek this week but I’ll be back in the dungeon later in the week. As always it’s wise to book ahead to avoid disappointment. As an added bonus we’ll both have the fun of looking forward to our playtime together.

I really love roleplaying. While I quite like schoolroom roleplays and I make a fabulous twisted fantasy therapist I’m not a huge fan of some of the old standards like “naughty nurse” (really? I’m more diabolical Doctor material) or Boss/employee.

My real roleplay passions tend toward the geeky. If you’re going to suspend disbelief then let’s really have some fun with it! Superheros and their supervillians, zealot priestesses, witches, aliens, inquisitors and dictators all provide ample material for high drama in the dungeon.

Luckily some of my slaves have really brilliant imaginations and present me with intriguing scenarios to play out… or are willing to do a little research in order to facilitate MY roleplay fantasies.

As I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan I was incredibly happy to have recently had the opportunity to be able to play one of my favourite characters, Melisandre. In order to further the aims of Rh’llor (her god, the lord of light for non-fans) in Westeros, King Stannis was required to perform a ritual of sacrifice. There was bondage, there was pain, there was blood, there was fire, there was monologuing and there were dramatic arm gestures. I enjoyed the costuming too… unseating usurpers and striking a blow against the dreaded white walkers of the north has never been so much fun.

I also had an amazing time earlier this week playing not only an evil supervillian but an ARCH NEMESIS. I captured her “special friend” as part of my diabolical plan and tortured him not only to gain information but to lure her to my lair. Here’s what he wrote to me after the session: “Thank you so much again for Mondays session, words cant express the feeling of being in the power of a truly superior and at times terrifying woman such as yourself. I was worried that after explaining how I am not actually a masochist that you would take it easy on me and I am so glad that you didn’t. I like to experience things that genuinely hurt and scare me without the instant sexual gratification, just as long as they cause pleasure to a dominant sadistic woman. Makes sense based on the captured and tortured themes of my scenarios I guess.  I hope that it is ok with you that alot of my reactions were real (some played up a for roleplaying’s sake) but the looks of fear were real, the trembling real, the desperate yet futile attempts to break free and avoid your whips….real. So again thankyou, it was intense and amazing.

I think the session on Monday had such a great development. Piece by agonising piece you extracted the information from me and broke down my lies/false bravado. It was the most sensual thing and one of the most terrifying things I have experienced but sensual terror is the best of all. Then it stepped up a notch 🙂 Pain I prepared for, being violated and then thrown to the ground and forcefully facefucked just to further insult the hero and defile her special friend was evil and brilliant. You broke that lying, betraying bank teller mentally and physically and you did it like the Stephen King of sensual domination haha. I cant wait for our next playtime! “

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