Thank You to my slaves.

I receive and publish quite a lot of lovely thank you notes from my slaves. Today I wanted to say thank you also.

Thank you to the slaves who do their research. It’s always amazing when people decide they want to play with me but I’m also grateful for those who have done their homework, decided I’m not for them and quietly continued their search.

Thank you to the slaves who respect my time. I appreciate that you’ve read my site before contacting me. I appreciate that you waited until you were emotionally ready to session before initiating contact. I appreciate that you gave me plenty of notice and noted my normal contact and working hours. I even appreciate the slaves that cancel as soon as they realise they can’t make their booked appointment.

Thank you to the slaves who have good boundaries. I love that we can create such an intimate and amazing space together when we play. I love that you respect where that space begins and ends. I’m so happy that you have the emotional awareness to do your own processing. I’m also happy that you trust me enough to contact me when you’re really struggling with your kink.

Thank you to the slaves that prepare. It always makes me happy that you’re clean for me inside and out. That you’re ready to let go of the outside world when you visit me. That you’re ready to bring me an open, vulnerable and authentic side of yourself to me when we play.

Thank you to the slaves that are thoughtful. It pleases me that you notice my likes and dislikes. That you learned enough about to me to get me a really thoughtful gift. That you wrote something touching or hilarious on the lovely card you bought to enclose my tribute.

Thank you to the slaves who really give all in session. I love how you’re willing to reach inside yourself and really give to me. I love how hard you try to please me even when things are difficult or painful. I love how you are willing to make yourself truly vulnerable to me. Thank you for the sacrifice of your pain and pleasure.

Thank you to my personal slaves. To my boys who worked hard to show that they can be trusted, that they want to please me and that they are devoted to improving my life.

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