A Valentine love letter to Professional Domination
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Happy Valentines day! With the focus today being on love I thought I’d reflect a little on my love for my vocation as a Professional Dominatrix.

Here’s a few of the reasons why (in no particular order) – over ten years into my career as a Mistress, I’m still very much in love with my job.

1. The variety of play

I get to play a lot AND I get to play with many different interests and fantasies. As many of my slaves present to me with a very open set of interests I have vast opportunities to be creative. I love coming up with experiences that work for both myself and my slave. I also love when my slaves come to me with a germ of an idea or a direction that they want to explore and I’m able to twist and weave it into something entertaining that takes the source material in an unexpected direction. It’s also fun to “visit” the fantasy worlds of my slaves. I have a number of very creative slaves who come up with interesting role play scenarios, fun in-session games and write me fascinating kink fiction.

2. My slaves

My occupation allows me to meet a real cross section of people that are united by one driving passion. Kink. In addition to that I often find I share other interests with my slaves which always makes pre and post session chats fun. I’m lucky that I attract such a high calibre of honest, kind, generous and well mannered slaves. I love seeing them develop their kinks and use their D/s connection to me as a route to personal development.

3. Chivalry and Generosity

It’s always fitting for a submissive or slave to be on their best behaviour in the presence of a Mistress. I adore providing a space for my playmates to show me the best version of themselves. Well mannered, chivalrous slaves are always welcome at my feet.

4. Holding space for genuine vulnerability

It’s a real honour to be able to make the dungeon a safe, non-judgemental place for my slaves to be able to show vulnerability and express their submissive selves. I love seeing what is possible when slaves let go of their fears and socialisation and give themselves to me.

5. My Colleagues

Wow! Never before have I come across such an amazing group of ladies. Professional Domination at it’s best attracts the most independent, intelligent, creative and empathetic women. I have boundless respect for my colleagues who have put in the time and effort to make themselves experts in their field. Aside from catchups and the occasional double Mistress session I love seeing my colleagues from around the world on twitter, posting pics of their amazing outfits and creative session ideas.

6. Carisbrook

I’m extremely lucky to be able to session from one of the most spacious and amazing playspaces, Carisbrook. Mistress Servalan’s legendary collection of dungeon furniture and toys gives me countless options in session and we’re always working together to improve the space.

7. My Wardrobe

Ha. I can’t finish this post without mentioning my fetish wardrobe. It’s always nice to have an excuse to buy and wear the tightest latex, the most luxurious leather, the softest furs and the highest heels. As Mistress Servalan and I love to say “I NEED it for my work.”.


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