Welcoming Special Guest Mistresses to Sydney in early 2024


I’m pleased to announce that I will be hosting and conducting double Mistress sessions with not one but two interstate guest Mistresses who will be visiting Sydney in early 2024.

Mistress Lola Lovelace, from Brisbane will be visiting from January 5th to January 8th. We’ve already booked in quite a few double Mistress sessions together and I’m excited to show her some of my most loyal and devoted submissives and slaves. Mistress Lola Lovelace is a vivacious, intelligent and charming Domme who is especially gifted in putting subs at ease.

From February 16th to February 18th Mistress Alani Sayuri will be visiting. Mistress Alani Sayuri is an embodied, emotionally intelligent force of nature who delights in weaving authentic eroticism into her tapestry of sadism and control. I’m keen to show her the purest submission and most unbridled hedonism that Sydney subs have to offer.

Don’t miss this limited opportunity to experience double domination in an immaculate and atmospheric dungeon environment. Applications to serve can be submitted here. 


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