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April 6, 2014

New Images Coming soon

The photographer who worked with me on my last shoot has been super quick in getting images back to me and I’m very pleased with what we’ve managed to capture. I’m looking forward to showing you all so much but we’ll need to wait a week or two as I’m also going to be completing […]

April 4, 2014

Thank You to my slaves.

I receive and publish quite a lot of lovely thank you notes from my slaves. Today I wanted to say thank you also. Thank you to the slaves who do their research. It’s always amazing when people decide they want to play with me but I’m also grateful for those who have done their homework, […]

March 31, 2014

Busy week – shoot and sessions.

Phew! That was a busy week. Lots of sessions, lots of behind the scenes work and plenty to do on the personal front as well. The highlight of the week was Saturday when I caught up with Sydney photographer Peter Starr to shoot some new content. Peter’s work caught my eye initially because he’d photographed […]

March 21, 2014

An Amazing Thank You from a slave.

It looks like my availability is quite limited next week. I may be able to squeeze in one or two extra sessions depending on the timing. It’s definitely a good idea to plan ahead. Carisbrook is looking amazing at the moment. Mistress Servalan and I devoted a few days last week to giving all our […]

March 5, 2014

Supervillain Roleplay

Phew! Things have been very busy at Carisbrook over the last few weeks so I apologise if I’ve been difficult to get hold of or slow to reply to emails. I’m taking a day or two off midweek this week but I’ll be back in the dungeon later in the week. As always it’s wise […]

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